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RETURN TO TRAINING: Monday June 1st 2020

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

We realise over this 11 week period it has been extremely difficult and we have all faced many challenges of many different levels.  The Glenwood Redbacks Committee wish to personally thank you all for your ongoing patience and support.  In the coming period, we will require a higher level of determination and resilience from all of you in assisting the management and implementation of BDSFA guidelines for a return to training.  These guidelines are based upon the frameworks of the Australian Institute of Sport, the Chief Medical Officer of Australia as well as the Chief Medical Officers of all states and territories, and meet the requirement of the NSW Public Health Order.

We are promoting the following actions and practices as our mandate throughout this period of  'Get in, train, and get out'.

We have linked for your information, the following (Please ensure you take the time to read and understand the required level of compliance that is expected without exception):

It is essential throughout this period that we all work together as we are in unchartered waters but we have a mandate to provide the safest possible environment to all our members and we need your assistance at all times to be vigilant and proactive as we move forward.  Some simple outtakes which are mandatory are the following:

  • All players must use hand sanitiser upon entry and exiting training areas (this will be supplied)

  • All players must have their names recorded upon entry to  training areas (attendance record will be at the field)

  • No spitting whatsoever on or off the field

  • All players must bring a drink bottle. (Labelled clearly)

  • Turn up to training in your gear

  • Leave the training fields directly after training

  • All parents (who are not officials) must stay in their cars.

  • Blacktown Council have advised us that toilets will only be open for emergencies.

  • All training is non contact, no hi fives, no physical contact, no huddle, avoid touching the football with your hands

  • If you display any symptoms of the flu that include the following, you are not to attend training, you will be sent home:

    • Fever

    • Cough

    • Sore through

    • Fatigue

    • Shortness of breath

We envisage these restrictions to be in place for a number of weeks moving forward but are subject to change at short notice and will continually provide updates as information becomes available.  If in the event you find that the limitations and the restrictions surrounding training are impacting on yourself or your child’s ability to manage, could we please ask that you reach out as early as possible through your manager or coach so that we can provide every available assistance to minimise the impact through this transitional period.

On a personal note, we would like to acknowledge the work of the coaches and managers across the board over this extreme period and I am sure I speak on behalf of the Glenwood Redbacks that we are grateful to have had such dedicated people within our organisation to carry us through this period.

We look forward to life returning to some normality over the coming period and most importantly, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment and the wellbeing for all our players &


Please stay safe.

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